What is Akaushi Beef?

In 1994 as a result of the trade act of 1992 between the United States and Japan, a small nucleus of Akaushi cows and bulls were brought to the United States – for the first time in history- in a specially equipped Boeing 747. Akaushi, a Bos Taurus type of cattle had their origin and evolution in Kumamoto, Japan. Kumamoto is located in the middle of Kyushu Island, in the northwest part of Kumamoto Prefecture.

Akaushi cattle are 100% pure and direct descendants of the Mount Aso region’s revered Akaushi herds that are a National Treasure and a protected breed by the government of Japan. We respect the deep Japanese traditions and embrace the healthy results of a source – verified herd management in a natural environment that excludes the use of growth hormones. Akaushi cattle in our program are managed with minimum stress and treated in accordance to the USDA Humane Handeling Standards and Guidelines.

What’s so unique about Akaushi cattle? Akaushi cattle produce meat that is above Prime in marbling content. It is healthier due to its unique fatty acid composition when compared to other domestic beef. Akaushi meat is very tender, juicy and flavorful and it’s considered by the Japanese and many beef experts to be the most palatable – and yet healthy – beef in the world. These attributes make Akaushi beef more desirable to western consumers than other U.S. meat.

Washimi, American Style Kobe Beef

What makes us different?

We have searched this country to select the finest Black Angus cattle that have the right genetics to become the recipient heifers for our 100% Full Blood Wagyu bulls. We have found these cattle in the Pacific North West and on the big Island of Hawaii… We provide the semen from our seed stock ranch (American Wagyu Cattle Co.) For the A.I. process and the clean up bulls necessary to insure the quality and consistency of our product. This will guarantee the taste and tenderness our customers have come to expect… All of the 100% Full Blood Wagyu Bulls have been tested and registered with the American Wagyu Association.

When our calves reach their weaning age of approximately six months and the desired weight, they are then transported to our custom Feedyard in Lexington OR., where they begin their eighteen month or 548 day feeding program…Our feeding formula has been created by the leading dietitian from Japan, there regiment of high quality grains such as Barley, Wheat, Corn and Alfalfa is what makes the difference…There are no growth stimulants or growth promotents used in our feeding process. This is what makes Washimi the finest Quality Obtainable…

  • USDA Inspected
  • Natural, no growth hormones, never-ever program
  • 100% Wagyu and Angus Program
  • Overall carcass maturity, "A"
  • Grain Fed, vitamin E fortified to extend shelf life